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Where We Are

Edo State is located in the South South geopolitical zone of Nigeria and has an estimated population of 3,218.332 according to 2006 National population census. The state slogan for the state is “Heart Beat of the Nation”. 

The state has eighteen (18) Local Government Areas (LGAs), 192 Political Wards, 2,805 settlements and 845 Health Facilities. Edo State has 8 learning sites in two LGAs. 

Edo State Neonatal Mortality Rate is 29 per 1000 live birth (2018 NDHS) and 52 per 1000 live birth (MICS 2021), Infant Mortality Rate is 52 infant deaths per 1000 live births (NDHS 2018) and 63 infant deaths per 1000 live births (MICS 2021).  Under five mortality rate is 81 U5 death per 1000 per 1000 live births (MICS 2021) compared to 71 U5 deaths per 1000 live birth in DHS 2018. Reduction of Malaria prevalence among children Under Five is 14.1  (NDHS 2018). 

Edo State Quality of Care (QoC) was initiated in two (2) out of the eighteen (18) LGAs. Oredo and Orhionmwon, three PHCs and one Secondary Health facilities were selected from the two LGAs as the learning sites. 

The learning sites are: 

Oredo LGA: Central Hospital ( Secondary Health Facilities), New Benin PHC, Urban PHC, and Ugbor PHC. 

Orhionmwon LGA: Abudu General Hospital ( Secondary Health Facility), Abudu PHC, Ogan PHC, Oza PHC. 


Health Facilities in Edo State


Health Facilities *











QoC Facilities


Learning Sites





BHCPF Sites **


LGAs **


Wards **

Data Sources: 

Nigerian Health Facility Registry

** National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA)

Facts and Achievements

  • In September 2022, the Quality of Care (QoC) initiative was launched in Edo State with the aim of improving Reproductive, Maternal Newborn, Child Health, Adolescent and Elderly Health plus Nutrition (RMNCAEH+N) healthcare standards in the State.
  •  The baseline was conducted in Sept. 2022 using the Basic Healthcare Provision Fund (BHCPF) checklist. The following are the baseline assessment score from the six QoC sites. Ugbor PHC 2.3, New Benin 1.6, Abudu PHC 2.0, Oza PHC 1.4, Ogan PHC 1.9 and Urban/ Ikpema PHC 2.0. However, the State is committed to reducing maternal mortality.
  • There is a Technical Working Group in the Edo State (Inaugurated in May, 2023).
  • Since its inception, the initiative has eight health facilities as learning sites and planning to expand to include more health facilities.
  • QoC has received invaluable support from Momentum Country Global Leadership (MCGL) QoC, who share the vision of advancing quality care in the state. .
  • The State commenced operationalization of the Basic Health Care provision under (BHCPF) in 2021. 
  • Quality Assessment (QA) of eight (8) Health Facilities (HFs) was conducted in the previous quarter to track progress across 10 priority areas, ensuring judicious use of the health facility funds. A scorecard is generated following each quarterly QA. 
  •  A scorecard is generated following each quarterly QA.
  • The progress of QoC is closely monitored through the tracking of 30 different indicators, ensuring continuous improvement in healthcare outcomes.
  • To distill the essence of QoC’s impact into a concise format, a scorecard has been developed, focusing on three critical indicators: Proportion of births attended by skilled births attendants, Proportion of children who were put to breasts within one hour of birth, and Proportion of children under 1-year-old fully immunized.
  • Since 2022, the Quality Improvement (QI) teams have played a vital role in implementing strategic goals and driving positive change within the QoC framework.Quality Assessment (QA) 

Success Stories

Infection prevention
Success Stories (1)

In Edo State, the use of partograph to monitor delivery at the health facilities was not encouraged before the commencement of Quality of Care (QoC) activities.

QoC initiative has facilitated the use of partograph to monitor delivery, uterotonics given to mothers one hour after delivery and kangaroo mother care. All these services has ensured safer delivery for mothers, QoC initiatives have also aid in improving mother and baby care at the QoC learning sites and other health facilities in the State, these initiatives have significantly improved maternal and child health and the improvement is gradually spreading to other health care services at the health care facilities. (QoC Focal Person, State Primary Healthcare Development Agency ( SPHCDA)).

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Voices from the Field

Score Cards



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Total number of maternal deaths across learning sites in the State

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Total number of neonatal deaths in learning sites in the State

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Total number of U5 deaths in learning sites in the State

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Total number of stillbirths at learning sites (disaggregated – fresh/macerated)

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Total number of facility reporting experience of care

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Edo State Specific Data And Information

Lessons Learnt From Edo State QI Implementation

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