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Where We Are

Yobe State is situated in the North-eastern region of Nigeria and was established in 1991 after being carved out of the former Borno State. Covering a land mass of 47,153 sq km, the state shares national boundaries with Borno to the East, Jigawa to the Northwest, and Bauchi and Gombe States to the West. With an estimated population of 2,321,591 and an annual growth rate of 3.5% based on the 2006 census, Yobe State comprises seventeen (17) Local Government Areas (LGAs) and one hundred and seventy-eight (178) political wards distributed across three senatorial zones.

The state features approximately twenty-one secondary healthcare facilities, including thirteen general hospitals and eight comprehensive health centers. In terms of primary healthcare facilities, there are about 45, with the federal medical center at Nguru serving as the sole tertiary health facility. Yobe State is supported by 72 medical doctors, 452 trained nurse/midwives, and approximately 800 healthcare workers in various categories operating across public health facilities (STATE STRATEGIC HEALTH DEVELOPMENT PLAN 2010 – 2015).

According to the 2008 DHS survey, 36% of Yobe women who had a live birth in the five years preceding the survey received antenatal care from a health professional during the last live birth, compared to a zonal average of 43% for the northeast zone. Additionally, 25% of women in Yobe whose last live birth was protected against neonatal tetanus, compared to the zonal average of 29.8% for the northeast zone. The percentage of pregnant women in Yobe delivered by a health professional was 9.3%, while the zonal figure was 15.5% for all live births during the same period (2008 NSHDS).

On May 13, 2018, the Quality of Care (QoC) initiative was launched in Yobe State, aiming to enhance Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child, Adolescent, and Elderly Health plus Nutrition (RMNCAEH+N) healthcare standards. The QoC was inaugurated in ten pilot health facilities in the state, accompanied by the establishment of state QoC steering and technical committees on May 27, 2019.


Health Facilities in Yobe State


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QoC Facilities


Learning Sites





BHCPF Sites **


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Data Sources: 

Nigerian Health Facility Registry

** National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA)

Facts and Achievements

  • In May, 13th 2018, the Quality of Care (QoC) initiative was launched in the Yobe state with the aim of improving Reproductive, Maternal Newborn, Child Health, Adolescent and Elderly Health plus Nutrition (RMNCAEH+N) healthcare standards.
  •  The QoC was launched in 10 pilot Health Facilities in the state.
  • The state QoC steering and Technical Committees were inaugurated on 27th May 2019.
  •  The Governance structure of QoC operates at the state headquarters, overseeing the coordination of 9 health facilities in the 3 geopolitical zones (Zone A, B & C) in the state.
  • The Qoc initiative has expanded its reach to encompass 138 Basic Healthcare Provision Fund (BHCPF) healthcare facilities in the State.
  •  QoC had received support from partners such as MNCH2 now LAFIYA UK Project.
  • The state is currently (2023) receiving some support from IRC, UNICEF and UNFPA in few selected Health Facilities but not comprehensive.
  • The state commenced operationalization of the Basic Health Care provision under (BHCPF) in may 2021.
  •  So far 175 Health facilities in the states, out of the targeted 300 Health Facilities (HFs) received quarterly funds disbursed as Direct Facility Financing, through the BHCPF.
  • The progress of QoC is closely monitored through the tracking of 30 different indicators, ensuring continuous improvement in healthcare outcomes.
  • Since 2020, the Quality Improvement (QI) teams has played a vital role in implementing strategic goals and driving positive change within the QoC framework.

Success Stories

Establishments & Trainings

Establishment of 10 QoC initiative in the state​.

QI Step down training of mentors /coaches​.

Formation and training of QIT members in 9 learning facilities​.

Inauguration of QoC Steering and technical Committees in the state.

Quarterly mentoring of the QoC health Facilities in the state.

Scaling up of QoC to 139 Health Facilities covering BHCPF Facilities​.

Training of the 139 Health Facility QI teams in the State​.

State and LGA level training on RMNCH+N QI teams.

Provision of portable water supply using solar derived boreholes in the QoC HFs.

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Monitoring and supervision of the QoC HFs though not regular.


Establishment of maternity wards and delivery equipment in the BHCPF HFs.


Strengthening referral mechanism through the provision of Ambulances.


Employment of Midwives to over 70 PHCCs and 15 Secondary Health Facilities​.


Integration of QoC with the MPDSR Committee.

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Voices from the Field

Score Cards



Q3 2022

Q4 2022

Q1 2023

Q2 2023

Total number of maternal deaths across learning sites in the State

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Total number of neonatal deaths in learning sites in the State

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Total number of U5 deaths in learning sites in the State

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Total number of stillbirths at learning sites (disaggregated – fresh/macerated)

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Total number of facility reporting experience of care

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Yobe State Specific Data And Information

Lessons Learnt From Yobe State QI Implementation

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